Want to Help?


Rockville Catholic Summer Program is a brand new initiative and in our first year, we could really use a hand!  Please look below for some needs that our program has; some that are one time and others that are weekly.  You can either directly purchase and donate or make a monetary donation earmarked for a particular need.  Contact Mike McHugh at rockvillecatholicsummer@gmail.com to donate.


Weekly Needs:

Snack Supplies:

- Plastic cups

- Small paper plates

- Small paper bowls

- Lemonade mix

- Kool-Aid mix

- Plastic pitchers

- Boxes of Goldfish

- Boxes of granola/Nutri-grain bars

- Ice pops

- Watermelon


Other Needs:

Arts and Crafts:

- Markers

- Crayons

- Construction paper

- Glue

- Yarn

- Duct Tape (different colors)

- Glitter (different colors)



- Measuring cups

- Measuring spoons

- Mixing bowls

- Spatulas

- Parchment paper



- Cleaning sprays

- Dustpan and broom (3x)



- User license for Kerbal Space Program - $15.00 (25 needed)

- User license for Minecraft - $27.00 (25 needed)

- GoAnimate license for animation class - $100.00