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Check out the awesome camps  offered in summer 2024!




The whole world is a stage and RCSP is no exception! Let your inner actor or actress take center stage in a week of improv, games, stage directions, script memorization and more. Led by counselors with years of theater experience, this camp will be next box office hit.

Air and Space Camp

Let your imagination take flight as we join Sir Isaac Newton and prepare for aerospace adventures with his laws of motion. Follow the history of flight from early balloon flights through modern rocketry. Design, build and test fantastic flying creations including kites, gliders, planes, rockets, stomp rockets, drones and more. Experiment with the laws of physics, gravity and motion during this amazing week of hands on fun!

American Girl

Come along for a week of American Girl (doll) themed activities, crafts and stories.  Campers will learn about the time period and stories behind the historic dolls and engage in projects related to them.  It is not necessary to have a American Girl doll to participate. Some dolls will be provided by the camp for the week and campers are encouraged to bring and share their dolls.


Artsy Craftsy
Art comes alive in this hands-on exploration of creative art. Each day the campers will be encouraged to express themselves through the creation of art through varied media.


Get ready for summer by having a fun week of basketball. This camp will balance teaching skills and fundamentals with games, contests and fun. The basic skills of ball handling, passing, shooting and defense will be taught throughout the week of camp.  The camp is designed to help each camper improve as a player while providing a fun and encouraging environment.

Book Worm

Dive into the pages of classic literature like Treasure Island and the Jungle Book. Immerse yourself in daring tales of adventure and exploration. Each day, campers will be introduced to a different classic literary work, hear key excerpts and engage in hands on activities and crafts built around these novels. Perfect for the Book Worm in your family!

Boys Being Men (Boys only) 

Spend a week celebrating being a boy! From building forts to tug of war competitions, this week is full of fun! Campers will learn basic etiquette and how to tie a tie, about awesome male saints and role models and how to live as a real man, and explore the great outdoors.  Boys only!

Camp, Camp

In this camp, campers learn how to camp and the basic camping skills needed to successfully camp. This includes building fires and pitching tents as well as experiencing classic camping activities such as singing campfire songs, playing camping charades and other camping games, a nature scavenger hunt, and telling scary stories. Campers will also learn how to make camping foods such as s’mores and trail mix, distinguish different animal tracks, and make lanterns and marshmallow shooters. Your kids will love camping at camp by the end of the week!


Capes & Comics

This super hero creative writing and arts camp is for any camper who has wondered what super power they would like to have!  Delving into the world of super heroes, we will uncover what they all have in common and explore questions like “what makes a villain?” “can a hero be a hero without a nemesis?” “would you use your power for good?”  Campers will create original super heroes and stories, learn how to story board, and begin drafting and illustrating their own comic book.

Circus Camp

Spend a week under the big top with carnival and circus themed games, crafts and activities for little ones. Face paint, juggling, "lions" jumping through hoops and more. Come one, come all, to the greatest week of the summer!


Dance the week away!  Learn the basics or improve on your already developed skill in our dance camp.  We will instruct in a variety of dance styles from contemporary to classical. Campers will learn and perform choreographed dance for the Friday Morning Show.

Dino Days

Let the prehistoric come back to life in this exciting week of all things dinosaur! Explore how different dinosaurs lived, hunted, ate, and more. Make your own dinosaur masks, hatch your own dino eggs and see what it is like to be an archaeologist as you excavate your own dinosaur fossils!

Duct Tape Fabrication

Have you ever wanted to get your hands on lots of colorful duct tape, some cardboard and other odds and ends and just create something?  If so, this class is for you!  Build free form or follow plans to build things like flip flops, a Captain America Shield, Thor’s hammer, a backpack, wallet and other cool things!

Field & Gym Games

Close out the summer with a hybrid of on field games such as Kick the Can, Manhunt, Kickball and indoor gym games such as Gaga, 9Square in the Air and more! This large camp will be subdivided into two different groups that will alternate field and gym use.

Film Making/Editing

Take a seat this summer in the director's chair and gain hands on experience with writing, shooting film/video, and post production at our film making camp. Get behind the lens of an iPad and learn proper operation and technique. Write, review, and edit a story line and make a script come alive on film.  Complete your film with iMovie, and export to keep!

Flag Football

Our flag football camp teaches the core skills of passing, catching, and de-flagging or defensive positioning while delivering fun and exciting action. Each flag football camp is organized into training environments that are designed to prepare kids to be champions both on and off the field. Our camp will teach good sportsmanship, teamwork, and the importance of fair play, and our local coaches will give children who want to play football the opportunity to learn the game and improve their skills in a positive environment.

Force Be With You

Join the Resistance! Begin your Jedi training and explore new galaxies as you fight for peace and justice. Learn the ways of the Force, build droids, go on Jedi missions, eat Star Wars food and play Jedi games. Jedis in training will make their own light sabers, Yoda ears and various Star Wars crafts. Each day holds a variety of unique, Star Wars themed activities. Are you ready to help Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia fight the forces of evil and defeat Kylo Ren and the First Order? Come and find out!

Fun Factory

Test the limits of fun making Ninja Turtle Squishy Balls, instant soda slushies, glow-in-the dark slime, matchbox rockets, magic mud from a potato, instant ice, a soda bottle blaster, a gravity puzzle and more. Visit our factory of fun!

Girl Power! (Girls only)

Whether you're a tomboy, a girly girl or a little bit of both, this is your invitation to summer adventure. A week of female heroes in history, science projects, friendship bracelets, double dutch, the perfect cartwheel and more! Practice secret note passing skills, basic self-defense and how to deal with bullies. Find out about cowgirls, famous girl saints, female Nobel Prize winners and more! There is strength in the feminine genius!

​​Great Outdoors

With the average child spending 1,200 hours on screens per year, this camp is more important than ever! Join dozens of other campers engaging in a tons of different outdoor activities aimed to keep us connected to the world around us. Using the 1000 Hours Outside model, campers will enjoy crafts and activities all cultivated to maximize their outdoor time!

Gross Science

Science is fun! With lots of new experiments, we’re going to ponder, predict and play our way through slimy hands on experiments designed to encourage curiosity and wonder.   We will guide campers through this week of discovery by using our senses to conduct experiments with intent to cultivate a lifelong interest in science and the world around us. 

Happy Holidays

Do you wish your favorite holidays came around more than once a year? This camp makes your wish come true! Celebrate a holiday a day with Christmas, Easter, Halloween and 4th of July. Food, history and the fun traditions of the holidays all in one week!

Happy Campers

It wouldn't be camp without fires, S'Mores and other classic activities and games. 4-5 Year Old campers will embark into the great outdoors to learn about camping and engage with classic activities like camp fire songs, scavenger hunts, and more!

Holy Heroes

Love superheroes but wish they were real? During this week, campers learn all about the Saints, real life superheroes of our faith! Hear about St. Cosmas and St. Damian's impenetrable skin, St. Joseph Cupertino's flying and even how St. Denis of Paris continued preaching with his head cut off! Campers will play fun games and make cool crafts all about the Saints!


Indie Co-Op

Like weird and unusual games? Like the challenge of working through puzzles and complex levels on a team? Then Indie Co-Op is for you! Come along for a week of different cooperative computer games including Overcooked, Humans Fall Flat, Transformice and more! Journey alongside of other RCSP campers to complete the goal.

Intro to Sports

Do you like sports? Then this is the camp for you! This camp will introduce you to different sports such as basketball, soccer, kickball, tee-ball, lacrosse, tag and playing catch with a lightweight ball. Everyone is a star as you learn how your favorite games are played, and then try them out for yourself.


Jewelry Making

Express your creativity, while designing and creating rings, pendants, earrings, pins, bracelets, necklaces and rosaries.


Joyful Jobs

Not sure what you want to be when you grow up? Campers get to learn all about different jobs and cool things they can do when they get older. Guest visits by doctors, artists, fire fighters, police and more! Campers will play fun games and make awesome crafts as they learn about different jobs.

JR Engineering

Discover how things move with science. Join a team of Jr. Engineers and build bridges, domes, cubes and pyramids. Assemble simple machines such as, levers, pulleys, catapults, balances, crank fans, and/or tops to investigate the laws of physics.


LEGO Masters

Inspired by Fox's competitive building show, send your LEGO Master to show their stuff as campers compete in different build challenges each day. Who can build the strongest bridge? Who can design the sturdiest car? Who has what it takes to be a LEGO Master?


You will build with some of the most fascinating Lego® components ever created, learning how to magnify, diminish, and redirect force to move objects at different speeds and directions.  You will construct vehicles, machines, and other dynamic creations and come to understand the working principles of these inventions.  You will also have opportunities to construct and play with your own inspired creations.

Micro Destruction

Love combining random objects into catapults, crossbows and other projectiles? Come learn the basics of medieval warfare through the use of normal household and office supplies. Projects will include pen blowgun, a tiny trebuchet, slingshots, catapults, crossbows, paper throwing stars and more. Strict safety measures will be observed in the camp. Safe destruction is our motto!


If you like Legos, you’ll love Minecraft.  In Minecraft you can freely interact with your randomly generated environment and gather resources needed to create tools, homes, boats, bridges and more.  You'll primarily shape your block-like surroundings by digging, chopping and mining. As you progress, you'll encounter water, sand, stone, ore, trees, animals, rocks, lava and even monsters.  Minecraft has been featured on the cover of PC magazine and is an extremely popular online strategic building game. 

My 1st Lab

Engage your child in the wonders of science with age-appropriate, hands-on activities that will introduce them to exciting science concepts – the Mad Science way!  Children will discover the power of air pressure, make sidewalk chalk, sculpt a model rocket, experiment with lab equipment, grow their own plant, and discover the science behind bubbles and homemade ice cream.

Nature and Animals

Get ready to explore the natural world and all its wonders and a variety of local and exotic animals, some of which will be brought in and exhibited in class by experts! Go on a nature hike and observe birds in their natural habitat, collect specimens and explore the joy and beauty of the natural world right outside your back door.  This camp is designed to foster a greater appreciation of our world and help campers understand the responsibility we have to care for it.

Once Upon A Time

Make cool crafts, stretch your imagination and creativity, and play fun games as you journey with fellow campers through classic fairy tales! Dance with Cinderella or run around with the 3 Little Pigs as we rediscover these beautiful stories in all new ways.


Prairie Camp (Girls Only) 

Unleash your inner pioneer woman in Prairie Camp! Don your very own bonnet and join your fellow girls in churning butter, making corn husk dolls, candles and more. Head back to a simpler time on the rugged frontier of prairie land.

Racket Sports

We've adapted tennis to include other racket sports such as badminton and Pickleball (America's fastest growing sport.) Come participate in a week of all things racket as you master basic skills to succeed on all courts!


Make your own scrapbook! Campers will learn techniques such as stamping, matting, cropping, corner rounding, journaling & more. Campers are to bring at least 20 printed photos of different settings (school, holidays, vacation, etc) that we can use to make a scrapbook. These photos will be cut, glued, marked up, etc)


Spend a week expanding your artistic talents! Campers will learn different forms of sculpture by seeing the work of great artists throughout history and try their hands at sculpting using a variety of materials such as clay, plaster, soap and other medium. If you like working with your hands, you will really dig this class!


Players will strengthen individual soccer skills and sportsmanship through training with direct coaching in small groups.  Instruction will focus on getting open, anticipating opportunities, shooting, and creativity in the attacking third of play. Further emphasis will be placed on defensive coverage in a 1v1 situation.  


Spa Science (Girls Only)

There’s no limit to what you can do with this “theme!” Mix it, measure it, make it, try it out and take it home! You will get busy making Fizzy Bath Bombs, Sweet Lip Smackers, Shake ‘Em Up Bath Salts, Yummy Face Masks and more. Become a clever spa scientist for the week as you learn about ingredients and how to combine them to make fun (and fabulous!) pampering goodies. Friday is “Spa Day,” where everyone can dress in a robe and slippers and sample and share what’s been made! You will go home with new science know-how, spa goodies, and recipe cards detailing how to make what you created for the week. This hands-on class will make science “real” — and fun!

Space Explorers

Campers take to the stars in this space themed camp. Learn all about other planets, space travel and exploration as you train to be an astronaut, drink Tang, and eat freeze dried space ice cream like a real astronaut! Fun crafts, games and songs will combine to make this camp out of this world.

Spies and Detectives

Learn secrets of espionage and detective work; from dissolving messages and decoding clues, campers will have the opportunity to check out the skills that spies and detectives have in this hands-on journey into the world of espionage and detective work. Learn Morse code for secret messages and other methods of leaving coded messages. Learn how to free yourself from duct tape and zip ties; how to make footprint molds and match tire tread; how to dust for finger-prints and write in invisible ink. We’ll combine lab experiments with a bit of detective discovery and espionage training. This is a perfect fit for super spies and scientists alike!

Stuffed Animal Design

Have you ever wanted to create your own plush toy? If so, then you came to the right place! Campers will start the week by conceptualizing and designing their own creation, followed by actually creating it by sewing, stuffing and gluing. It’s a true combination of design and fine-motor-skill hand execution using a needle and thread and various soft materials --fabric, felt, fur, and more --and a few hard ones, too, to create one-of-a kind, soft, take-home toys. Fab, fresh and fun!

Superhero Camp

A whole week of superheroes! Create your own superhero, super powers and backstory. Train to use your superpowers with super stunts and test yourself in a supercharged obstacle course. Design your own logos and costumes, take on special missions, tackle obstacle courses and go on rescue missions to save other superheroes from villains. Uncover the beginnings of some of the best known superheroes while also discovering your own. Unleash your inner superhero!

Surf and Sand

It wouldn't be summer without the beach! Come along as we make under the sea slime, jellyfish in a bottle, build sand castles, go fishing and so much more. Join as we set sail for a week at the beach!

Survival Training

Are you the next Bear Grylls or Les Stroud? Spend a week learning elements of the five basic survival skills - fire, shelter, signaling, food/water and first aid.  Join us for an exciting week learning many valuable skills, like tying important knots, starting a fire without matches or a lighter, building a sleeping shelter, making snares and developing directional skills among many other skills.

World Tour

Take a trip around the world to other cultures and learn about their customs, food and traditions in an exciting World Tour! Our 4-5 year old campers will spend their week learning folk songs, listening to unique folk tales and engaging in crafts that celebrate the amazing diversity of our world.


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