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Counselor FAQ

Who are counselors?

Counselors are high school and college-age teens who are employed by Rockville Catholic Summer Program as positive role models and facilitators of classes for campers. Counselors are practicing Catholics, committed to a missionary summer serving their parish and it's youth.

What does a counselor do?
A counselor runs a camp for campers to attend.  They are responsible for planning every aspect of their camp to fit the time that they are with the kids.  Counselors plan lessons, crafts, games, sports and drills, price out what materials they need for their lesson, run lessons, chaperon campers, minister to campers and much more.  Counselors are active participants in all programs related to camp, exuding energy and passion and excitement to encourage camper’s participation.  Counselors rotate working before and aftercare shifts throughout the week.
Who can apply to be a counselor and how do you apply?

Any rising junior in high school and older may apply to be a counselor.  Those who are too young to be hired may begin volunteering as rising 8th grade teens. Teens will be hired based on maturity, creativity, responsibility and most importantly, for their desire and ability to inspire the Catholic faith in others.  Counselors are prepared for long hours and hard work, all in God's name. Not all who apply will be hired due to limited positions for staff.  It is not necessary to be a parishioner of St. Patrick to be hired. 


To be a counselor, submit the online application found on the Employment page.  Once applications have been reviewed, those qualified will be contacted for an interview.  If you are invited to interview, you will be required to create and present a lesson plan for a camp of your choosing from the 2024 schedule. All lesson plans should account for the entire time of camp, 9:00-12:00 and should list all materials needed and activities done. If you choose a sports camp, you must present an alternative rain plan.  

How much can I earn as a counselor?

First year counselors will earn $10.00/hour for the 2024 season. First year college-age staff will earn $11.00/hour for the 2024 season. Returning staff earn more for each year they've worked. Staff generally work 38-40 hours per week. Counselors  cannot be paid for more than 40 hours of work. While these wages are less than you may earn per hour elsewhere, counselors are paid for Mass, theology talks and prayer time which usually accounts for 10 hours each week and usually are given more hours of "work" than other businesses.

RCSP is a missionary summer, a chance to grow in faith and holiness, and in many cases, sacrifice the normal comforts of other jobs.

How does RCSP serve me spiritually?

All staff and volunteers attend daily mass at 7:45am. Starting the day with Our Lord is central to entering into our work and offering it up.

Following morning camps, our staff eat lunch together forming a stronger fellowship. This is then followed by a theology talk. Each day we bring in a different speaker, a priest, a religious sister, professor or youth minister to give a talk on a topic of their choice. Speakers cover spirituality, vocational discernment, moral teachings, Scriptural exegesis and more.

After our theology talk/discussion, staff and volunteers have 45 minutes of quiet prayer in the church, usually with Eucharistic Adoration/Exposition accompanying.

In an effort to increase fellowship and personal formation, in past years, counselors have been divided into single sex "tribes". Tribes go off campus twice during the summer for a pre-arranged retreat afternoon. Camp covers lunch for them and they take 3-4 hours off campus recharging and entering into deeper prayer.

Counselors are paid for daily mass, theology talks, prayer time as well as off campus retreats.

What is an average day for a counselor?

Counselors will arrive at camp between 7:30 and 7:45 am depending on prep time needed for their classes.  All counselors attend daily mass at 7:45 together unless they are responsible for morning care.  If you are responsible for morning care, you arrive at the parish no later than 6:40am.  Morning care begins at 7:00am and runs until 8:45 am.  All instructors will rotate between morning care and after-care responsibilities. 


Before mass, counselors make sure their class is ready for the day including set up and prep for activities, games and crafts.  Immediately following mass, they greet the campers in the gym each morning as they arrive, engage them in conversation or quick games.  Morning prayer and program begins at 8:45am and counselors participate fully in morning program, including singing, dancing, and monitoring kids in their group. 


Following morning program, counselors are in charge of the campers in their class until the end of the day.  They will take campers to the bathroom, to get water, and then head to class where they will run each aspect of it.  At mid morning, counselors will bring their campers for snack at the kitchen and then return to class.  From 12:00-12:15, parents pick up their children and sign them out from their classroom.  At 12:15, all remaining students are brought to the gym for aftercare.


Following pick-up, counselors cycle through after-care, lunch, adoration and theology.  General dismissal for counselors is between 3 and 3:30pm.  Counselors assigned to aftercare may work as late as 5:45 but will be cut as camper ratio drops. 


Are there any criteria for 18+ staff?

All 18+ staff are required to be compliance with the Child Protection Policy of the Archdiocese of Washington.  All 18+ must complete a Virtus Safe Child class and have undergone a background check through the rectory as well as be fingerprinted before they may work. If you are hired, we will assist you with this process.  It is not necessary to do this prior to applying.

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